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Vitalite Trading Corporation is dedicated to establishing its core business into the right utilization of water treatment technology and ensuring to reach every home and industrial business and to provide safe drinking water and help save lives and the environment.

Over the years, the growth of water treatment technology drives the company to adapt to the increasing demand and to continuously develop its product line. Thus, Vitalite became well-known and has gained its clients' trust. Our mission is to bring world-class and high-tech water treatment and filtration equipment at a good cost.



Vitalite continues to expand by developing new product lines and broadening our knowledge in water treatment while using the latest technology and research to improve its services. We also partner with distributors, retail chains, and professionals to bring quality closer to the market.



We look forward to widening our reach, bringing every Filipino home and Industries quality products and services. Focus on the qualities company founded and imbibing these qualities by each individual in Vitalite family.

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